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Arthrosonography  – is a non-invasive examination technique of articular apparatus. This examination allows visualization soft tissues in particular – muscles, tendons, gristles, ligaments. In the process of arthrosonography it’s possible to assess defects of these structures, masses presence, infra-articular serous (phlogistic liquid) or hemorrhagic (bleeding) effusion.

Arthrosonography can be carried out for different articulars:

·         Hip

·         Knee

·         Ankle

·         Foot articulations

·         Shoulder

·         Elbow

·         Wrist

Except visual examination, arthrosonography allows to assess articular function in motion,that is important in luxation, semiluxation traumatic injuries diagnostic.

Arthrosonography is recommended in case of the following pathosises and symptoms:

·         Synovitis

·         Tendinitis

·         Ligamentitis

·         Synovial cyst

·         Bursitis

·         Tendon tear

·         Bands rupture

·         Paraarticular muscles rupture

·         Bones articular surface erosive defects

·         Cartilaginous tissue degenerative damage

·         Meniscus damage

·         Arthrosis

·         Arthritis

·         Coxarthrosis

Arthrosonography is recommended in case of arthralgia, flicks, crepitus, limitation of motionб muscle pain in this area, masses onset, arthrocele. 


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