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There are SAMSUNG ultrasound scanners in the department. AccuvixV20 - SamsungMedison ultrasound scanner of expert level with color, bi-directional, energetic, fabric, pulsed and continuous waved doppler, online 3D U/S. Highest resolution ratio, new technolofies of 2D and 3D image formation (hybrid beamformer), intima-media complex automatic estimation, qualitative and quantitative assessment of tissue compliance allow to recommend AccuvixV20 scanner application in modern diagnostic centers and medical research institutes. Fields of usage of AccuvixV20 scanner – obstetrics and gynecology, abdominal researches and mammаlogy, urology and cardiology, superficial organs and vessels examination, muscle skeletal researches, nephrology, oncology, adults transcranial dopplerogrphy, pediatry and и neonatology. Echocardiography is a modern ultrasound examination method. It gives an opportunity to obtain visual demonstration of heart and vessels. To conduct echocardiography means online assess of:

·         cardiac muscle function;

·         4 heart chambers and valves condition;

·         cardio chambers sizes and their pressure;

·         cardiac wall thickness;

·         intracardiac blood flow (sanguimotion).

This method allows to detect intracavitary blood clots, heart diseases (congenital or acquired), dyssynergia zones (ability to carry out a cycle of certain movements disorder), valvate changes.

This ultrasonic method is applied for heart assessment in a normal condition and in case if any heart diseases are revealed. Echocardiography is also used if it is necessary to measure pressure of a pulmonary artery.

EcoCG advantages

EchoEG procedure during detection of cardiovascular diseases including heart diseases is a key because of the main characteristics, which include:

·         Modernity;

·         Safety;

·         Painlessness;

·         High informativeness.

Echocardiography doesn't make any harmful effects on organism, is not traumatizing, doesn't bear radiations, pains, side effects. The procedures can take from a few minures to 45 minutes – depending on symptoms and examination purposes.

By means of this examination of cardiac beats, which are the main function of the heart, are estimated. It is carried out by means of receiving the quantitative values, which are analyzed in a consequence and on the basis of which doctors make the conclusion. Experts can distinguish decrease in this function even at initial stage, and then required treatment is prescribed. Repeated echo examination allows to observe dynamics of disease course, and also the response to the treatment.

Indications for the examination

In cases of the following symptoms it is necessary to visit a physician, who appoints heart ultrasonography:

·         Heart murmurs, revealed during auscultation, and rhythm disturbance;

·         Hear and chest pains;

·         Cardiac decompensation indications (for example, liver distention, legs puffiness);

·         Chronic and acute (myocardial infarction) ischemia;

·         Rapid fatigability, breathlessness, shortness of breath, frequent whitening of the skin, skin cover around lips, earflaps, upper and lower limb cyanosis.

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