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Elektrokardiogramma (EKG)

Electrocardiogram (ECG) — is a graphic record of electric potentials, accompanying heart function, on a moving paper tape. Record of electrocardiogram is made by means of a special device called electrocardiograph. In our clinic electrocardiograms are made on 3, 6 channel Schiller devices, exercise and medical testing are also conducted

Indications for ECG:

·         Suspected heart diseases and high risk in respect of these diseases.

·         Recrudescense of patients with heart diseases, pain in the heart area, dyspnea development or increase, raise of arhytmia.

·         Before any surgery intervention.

·         Medical disease, closed glands, excitatory system, ear, throat, nose, skin diseases etc. suspected heart pathosis involvement.

·         Professional risk.

By the means of electrocardiogram physician can diagnose various heart diseases, leading to characteristic changes in ECG

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