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Treadmill test

Treadmill test – is a stress testing, which is done on a special treadmill and walking imitating. This is simple and typical exercise for the patient, allowing to model walking rhythm, exceeding the regular. This is why treadmill-test is more adjusted to human psychology and possesses higher reproductibility than bicycle ergometry. 

This is high-end system with a wide range of possibilities of exact diagnostics and high standards of patient’s safety. Cardiologist, therapist or surgeon consultation is necessary before the examination, to assess advisability of treadmill-test and to detect possible contraindications to the test.

Indications for treadmill-test

  1. Coronary artery disease (CAD) diagnostics and indications to its surgical treatment detection.
  2. Medication effectiveness, cardiac surgery therapy assessment for patients with cardiac pathology.
  3. Cardiovascular system tolerance assessment before surgical interference of different speciality (patient’s preoperative preparation).
  4. 40 plus patients without complaints assessment, but with two or more CAD risk factors – high cholesterin, smoke, diabetes, arterial hypertonia, family history of cardial death at the age of under 60.
  5. 45 plus men and 55 plus women assessment with two or more risk factors, who lead a sedentary life and plan exercises increase – sports clubs, another job, tourist trips etc.
  6. Arrhythmia during exercises assessment (in case of non-diagnostic Holter monitoring).
  7. Cardiovascular system forecasts and reserves assessment just after noncomplicated myocardial infarction to detect surgical therapy indications.
  8. All 40 plus men of specific professions (pilots, bus drivers etc.) assessment.
  9. Chronic lower limb ischemia extent assessment.
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