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Abdominal cavity organs ultrasonography– is a complete eamination, which includes examination of gall bladder, liver, retroperitonium, lien, pancreas, kidneys and adrenal bodies. The examination allows to assess internals condition, (sizes and structure) and to detect abnormalities with early stage.

Indications for abdominal cavity U/S:

·         oral bitterness

·         stomach heaviness

·         nausea

·         causeless fever

·         pain feelings in abdominal, lumbus  infra-chest area

·         intense aerogenesis

·         conduct medication effectiveness assessment

·         suspected oncological, infection, inflammatory and functional diseases

Ultrasonography of a thyroid gland is desirable to conduct with endocrinologist recommendation after preliminary examination. Research will be prescribed if there are any changes in structure (indurations or nods) in palpation. Ultrasonography of a thyroid gland is recommended also in the following cases: hormones test bad results; lump in the throat feeling, asphyxia; temper tantrum and drowsiness; weight loss within short period of time; lowgrade fever (37-37,5 °С); living in areas with low iodine concentration in food; hormonal drugs application and adiposis; Pregnancy and rapid heartbeat.

Ultrasonography of a prostate gland (U/S of a prostate) is used as a simple examination, which helps to detect men’s prostate gland potential problems. Ultrasonography – is one of the frequently used methods for detection of pathological changes. The reflected waves from a prostate gland are registered. In the process if the examination it is possible to detect increase of a prostate gland, pathological growth, cancer tumor (for example, prostate cancer).

Ultrasonography of uterus, ovaries and pelviс organs – is one of the most accessible methods of various gynecologic diseases diagnostics. Gynecologist usually gives recommendation for ultrasonography of uterus in the case of pains in uterus and ovaries area (lower abdominal drawing pain), low back or perineum pains, in case of irregular menstrual cycle, too painful periods, spotting not related to periods.

Ultrasonography allows to gain an exact impression on structure of internal genitals and surrounding tissues, and to detect insignificant abnormalities in their structure, which can be symptoms of a disease.

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