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"Therapeutically Bulletin of Uzbekistan"


scientific journal

(Certificate of registration of mass media

Number 0572 from 28.12.2010)

The journal is intended for physicians, general practitioners and allied professions.

Accepted for publication articles on cardiology, pulmonology and allergology, rheumatology, gastroenterology, nephrology, cardio pathology, emergency state in internal diseases, therapeutic care organizations, medical rehabilitation, basic research. The journal can publish original articles, reviews, lectures, materials, congresses, conferences, theses, as well as interesting and useful information for practitioners.

The material must contain new, not yet published the data and fit the profile of the publication.

The decision to include articles and other materials in the next issue of the magazine takes editorial board, which reserves the right to make editorial changes and reduction of manuscripts. Editorial Board all materials reviewed. Works are accepted in Uzbek, Russian and English.

Requirements to the text - font - Times New Roman, size 14;

- 1.5 line spacing;

- Field - left - 3 cm, right, top and bottom - 2 cm;

- Paragraph - 1 cm; -numeratsiya pages at the bottom and in the middle;

- All abbreviations and the author must decipher when they are first introduced in the text.

The order of registration of the article:

UDC, the name (in capital letters) article on a new line - surname and initials of the author (s), with a new line - full name of institution, city, country;

summary in Russian, Uzbek and English (no more than 150-200 characters each), keywords (5-10); the main text of the article - the introduction, the purpose of the research, materials and methods, results, discussion, conclusions and references.

Volume originalnyh articles, including tables, figures, references and abstract should not exceed 8-10 pages, reviews and lectures - 10-15 pages.

Of the article should be yas¬nym, without long historical introduction. Statisti¬cheskaya digital data processing is required. Graphs and charts should not be overburdened text labels. Mikrofotogra¬fii and photo can be black and white.

Tables should have a title, be compact, visual, headers graph must exactly match their content. All numbers should correspond to the numbers in the text and be processed statistically.

In the formulas must mark: uppercase - two lines below, and lower - two lines above; letters are enclosed in red, and Greek - blue; subscript and superscript letters and numbers.

The list of references is attached to ot¬delnom sheet and must be completed as follows:

Sources are listed in alphabetical order, with the author's surnames and initials, first domestic, then foreign. The full name of books, articles, journals, place of publication, publisher, year of publication, volume and issue number, page "from" and "to". Works of local authors published in foreign languages, are placed among the works of foreign authors in the general alphabetical order, and the work of foreign avto¬rov, published in Russian, - among the works of foreign authors in general alfa¬vitnom order. All sources should be numbered, and their numbers - strictly soot¬vetstvovat numbering in the text.

If cited several works of one author (including co-author), their raspola¬gayut in chronological order.

When referring to the dissertation abstracts should indicate their name. Refer to unpublished work impossible.

For the accuracy of the bibliography responsibility of the author. Bibliography of not more than 15, with the exception of review articles.

The paper should be edited, presented in two copies on one side of a standard sheet of A4, without handwritten insertions and erasures as well as in electronic form. You must provide an act of expert opinion and direction of the institution.

2nd copy of the article submitted for publication, should be with the visa manager and signed by the author (s).

Failure to comply with these rules of articles returned to the authors without rassmot¬reniya. Author (s) must provide information: first name, last name (in full), academic degree, academic rank, the main place of work (study), title, contact telephone numbers, e-mail, postal address.

Author (s) are solely responsible for the accuracy of the facts, quotations and other information, as well as for the use of data not intended for the press.

Editorial Board looks forward to working with everyone to be published in our magazine.

All questions to the executive secretary of the journal Rasulova Zulfiya Dadaevne 99871 (234-55-01, 234-34-10) E-mail: tervestuz@mail.ru

Editorial Office Address: 100084, Tashkent, ul.Hurshida, 4. JSC "Republican Specialized Scientific and Practical Medical Center of Therapy and Rehabilitation"

Editor in Chief - Chairman of the Association of Physicians of Uzbekistan, Chief Therapist MoH, director of the Republican Specialized Scientific and Practical Medical Center of Therapy and Rehabilitation Ministry of Health of the Republic of Uzbekistan, professor Allawi AL

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