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In our center are trained doctors in residency on:

· Internal Diseases(therapy)

· Cardiology

· Rheumatology

· Rehabilitology (therapeutic  physical training and sports medicine, balneology and physiotherapy).

Required documents to enroll in clinical studies:

1. Statement addressed to the Director of  the center

2. Personal  form  filled in and stamped

3. Diploma of higher institutions liner and  its copy

4. Show passport and hand over a copy

5. Certified characteristics  from study place/work place

6. CV

7. Health reference  (Form 086)

8. Copy of employment history

9. Reference from military department show it and hand over a copy

10. Folder

11. 6 photos (3x4cm)

12. Copies of documents must be notarized

Study programs in clinical internship prepared in accordance with the requirements for a model of postgraduate education in clinical internship and needs of  practical health training in these specials. In the course of training in clinical internship physician must have a certain set of general and specific knowledge and skills, relevant professional qualification characteristics: cardiologist, therapist, rheumatologist, rehabilitologist.

The two year specialization(internship) is one of the essential forms of postgraduate training of graduates of medical schools of the Republic of Uzbekistan, after which ,residents are given the qualification of a cardiologist, therapist, rheumatologist, physician rehabilitator.

For admission the residency in these specialities future specialist should have higher medical education in “medicine” and “medicine pedagogical work”. A postgraduate medical education should be established state standard.

The main purpose of training in clinical internship is to prepare qualified professionals for independent work in health care therapeutic profile.

Preparation of residents carried out by qualified teachers of our center,which have extensive experience in teaching and clinical work under the guidance of director of the center and is responsible for  training residents.

The schedule of workshops for 2016

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